Maximilian Association

Non-profit organization

Maximilian Buzău Association (AMBz) is a non-profit organization whose goals are related to supporting and promoting environmental protection activities, especially monitoring and conservation of natural values in protected areas.

Considering it as the best solution for achieving such objectives, its founding members decided to take over the responsibility for the management of protected sites ROSCI0005 Balta Alba-Amara-Lacul Sărat Câineni-Jirlău, ROSPA0004 Balta Albă-Amara-Jirlău and the reservations 2,271-Balta Albă, 2,272-Balta Amara, 2,260-Lacul Jirlău-Trup Vișani (for a very short period of several months, in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History Grigore Antipa).

This was done after the Custody Convention no. 346 / 08.07.2014 and the Addendum no. 342 / 08.06.2015 were signed, in convention with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, respectively with the National Agency for Environmental Protection. As a custodian, AMBz ensures that all regulations are being respected and is also responsible for the unitary coordination of all activities conducted within the sites in order to preserve the natural values of this area.

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