Custody of protected areas

After the official takeover of the ROSCI0005 and ROSPA0004 custody in the second half of 2015, AMBz launched a research activity titled “The microbiological assessment of the impact of organic and chemical pollution on the aquatic ecosystem of the three lake reserves, as well as Lacul Sărat Câini”, all within the two sites. The action will take place over five years and it is coordinated by the newest member of the association, Prof. Univ. Dr. Veronica Lazăr, from the University of Bucharest.

At the same time, aiming to make a real connection with local communities, and above all to raise their awareness regarding the importance of preserving natural values, AMBz has concluded collaboration protocols with all the municipalities and schools in the six communes on which the two sites are located. Among other things, the protocols include future collaborations with the mayoralties for projects initiated by the custodian, but also to support the custodian in informing the inhabitants, especially the young people, about the need for environmental protection measures.

In 2016, AMBz drafted the ROSCI0005 and ROSPA0004 Regulations and, after first submitting it to the public debate, AMBz also submitted the regulations for approval to the National Environmental Protection Agency. The regulation will be reassessed and correlated with the management plan after approval by the competent authority. In order to achieve the Management Plan, the Maximilian Association has submitted the project “Appropriate Management for the Preservation of Biodiversity in the Protected Natural Areas ROSCI0005 Balta Albă-Amara-Jirlău-Lacul Sărat Câineni, ROSPA0004 Balta Albă-Amara-Jirlău, 2,271 Balta Albă, 2,272 Balta Amara , 2.260 Lacul Jirlău-Trup Vişani within Component 1: OS 4.1 Call for projects to increase the protection and preservation of biodiversity, Priority Axis: Environmental protection through biodiversity conservation measures, air quality monitoring and decontamination of historically polluted sites, Operation: Increasing the protection and preservation of biodiversity and restoration of degraded ecosystems (Project code 102258).


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Situl ROSCI0005: Balta Albă-Amara-Lacul Sărat Câineni-Jirlău


Situl ROSCI0005: Balta Albă-Amara-Lacul Sărat Câineni-Jirlău

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