During 07.05.2018 – 07.06.2018 the Maximilian Buzău Association (AMBz) organized the first edition of the “Children and Nature” Contest, attended by the students from the six schools in the communes on whose territory the natural protected areas are located (ROSCI0005 Balta Albă-Amara-Jirlău-Lacul Sărat Câineni , ROSPA0004 Balta Albă-Amara-Jirlău, 2.271 Balta Albă, 2.272 Balta Amara, 2.260 Lake Jirlău-Trup Vişani: Alba and Boldu Lakes from Buzău County, Grădiștea, Galbenu, Jirlău and Vișani from Brăila County.

The contest was organized to celebrate the 5th of June, World Environment Day (or Environment Day).

The purpose of this two-stage contest was to increase awareness among students, teachers and local communities about the importance of conserving the species and habitats of community interest located in the protected natural areas ROSCI0005 Balta Albă-Amara-Jirlău-Lacul Sărat Câineni, ROSPA0004 Balta Alba-Amara-Jirlău 2.271 Balta Alba, 2.272 Balta Amara, 2.260 Lacul Jirlău-Vișani. As such, the central theme of the contest was related to the protected areas in general and the protected areas on the territory, especially: specific data, habitats, fauna, flora, positive and negative impacts.

The first stage, attended by 10 students from each school, from the 6th and 7th grade, consisted of one theoretical test. Within 30 minutes, each student had to respond in writing to a 15-question test. According to the rules of the contest, the first two players with the highest score qualified for the final round.

The final stage consisted of 2 tests: a theoretical one in which all teams qualified had to respond to 5 questions and a practical one – communicated to the students and coordinating teachers at the end of the first stage – in which each team had to recycle and transform waste in order to create a living creature belonging to the fauna or flora of one of the protected areas and present it to the jury (characteristics, manufacturing).

Finally, the jury, consisting of four representatives of Maximilian Buzău Association (vice-presidents Ștefan-Valentin Dobre and Dumitru Dobre, biologist Valentina Moraru and technician Dănuț Grigore, a volunteer under contract with the association) and designer Răzvan Giuglea, awarded the following prizes:

First place – The team of Amara Gymnsium School (Balta Albă commune, Buzău county)
Students: Albert NICULAE andRaluca NECULA (7th grade students).
Coordinator: Vasile TARAS, Director .

Second place – The Team of Jirlău Gymnasium School (Brăila County)
Students: Mădălina-Denisa BOLDEANU and Oana-Alexandra PATRINOIU (7th grade students).
Coordinator: Radu MUCEA, Biology teacher.

Third place – The team of Vișani Gymnasium School(Brăila County)
Students: Miruna–Alexandra CIOCHINA and  Iuliana URECHE (7th grade students).
Coordinator: Mioara MARTINESCU, Director

Special mention –  Team of  Vocational School “Emil Drăgan” from Grădiștea (Brăila county)
Students: Mircea DUNA and Mihaela TUDORACHE (7th grade students).
Coordinator: Mihai-Viorel PASCALE, Geography teacher

The 5th and 6th Places – The team of Gymnasium School Boldu (Buzău county), with the following members – Georgiana SPăTARU and Ștefan BABOIU (7th grade students), Coordinator: Biology teacher Mirela OPREA and the Team of Gymnasium School “Toma Tâmpeanu” Galbenu (Brăila county), with the following members – Andreea ANGHEL and Andrei TOADER (6th and 7th grade students), Coordinator: Biology teacher Giorgiana FIERARU.

The Maximilian Association has awarded prizes worth more than 3000 lei, including tablets, binoculars, books on nature and environmental protection, Lego themed games, personalized shirts and school supplies.

The contest was organized on the basis of the collaboration protocols signed by the Maximilian Association of Buzău and the leadership of all six schools and mayors. All teachers who coordinated the teams participating in the contest are volunteers within the association.

The Maximilian Buzău Association is grateful to all those who made this contest possible in good conditions: students, teachers, school principals, local authorities, the jury. 

A special mention goes for the support given by the leadership of the Town Hall of Vișani, Mayor Neagu Caraman and Deputy Mayor Aurel Stoica, who provided the location for the excellent running of the final stage of the contest, but more importantly, they also granted special prizes for contestants and coordinating teachers, on behalf of the Town Hall.


Prof. Marilena Carmen DOBRE